WRITing workshop resources


Portfolio Resources

  • Writing Menu - August/September (click here)
  • Six Traits of Writing (rubric for grading)
  • Portfolio Planner - organization prewriting (click here)
  • How to create and share a folder in Google Drive (video)
  • How to format and share a Google Doc (video)

Narrative Writing

  • CHS essential elements of narrative pieces (checklist)
  • Visual Writing Prompts - Narrative (link)
  • Visual Writing Prompts - Personal (link)
  • 13 Thought-Provoking Personal Narrative Prompts (link)
  • New York Times: "500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing" (link)
  • 50 Narrative Essay Topics (link)
  • 100 Story Starters for Teens (link)
  • 365 Creative Writing Prompts (link)
  • Writer's Digest Creative Writing Prompts (link)
  • 105 Creative Writing Prompts to Try Out (link)
  • The Moth Podcast - great mentors for storytelling (link, example episodes)
  • Story Corps - stories from people of all backgrounds and beliefs (link)
  • Lore - podcast focusing on myths, legends, and folk tales (link)
  • Story Collider - true, personal stories from ordinary people in the realm of science (link)
  • EssayPro - Narrative Writing (informative video and tutorial)

Argumentative Writing

  • CHS essential elements of argumentative pieces (checklist)
  • Visual Writing Prompts - Argumentative/Persuasive (link)
  • ThoughtCo 50 Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics (link)
  • New York Times: "200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing" (link)
  • 60 Compelling Argumentative Topics (link)
  • 50 Great Argumentative Essay Topics (link)
  • 150 Argumentative Essay Topics (link)
  • 401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing (link)
  • 55 Great Debate Topics (link)
  • 120 Debate Topics for High Schoolers (link)
  • 100+ Interesting Debate Topics (link)
  • The Perspective - Two Sides to Every Story (link)
  • ProCon.org - information on both sides of current issues (link)
  • EssayPro "Thesis Statement Writing" (informative video)
  • EssayPro "How to Write an Argumentative Essay" (informative video and tutorial)
  • Scribbr "How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement" (informative video)
  • Shmoop "How to Identify Ethos, Logos, and Pathos" (informative video)
  • Ariel Bissett "How to Write An Essay: Thesis" (informative video)
  • Argumentative Writing - Graphic Organizer (printable PDF)

Informative Writing

  • CHS essential elements of informative pieces (checklist)
  • 45 Informative Essay Topics (link)
  • 509 Informative Ideas and Topics (link)
  • YourDictionary Examples of Informative Essays (link)
  • Study.com Informative Essay: Definition, Examples, and Structure (link)
  • 75 Expository Prompts (link)
  • 15 Engaging Explanatory Writing Prompts (link)
  • ThoughtCo 61 Expository Essay Topics (link)
  • 92 Expository Essay Topics (link)
  • Good Informative Speech Topics (link)
  • EssayPro "How to Write an Informative Essay" (informative video)
  • EssayPro "Expository Essay" (informative video)
  • Mometrix Academy "Writing an Expository Essay" (informative video)
  • Being objective in your writing (informative video)
  • Canva - 40 of the best infographics to inspire you (examples)

Research Skills

  • CHS essential research skills (checklist)
  • Research: 50 Ideas to Get Started (link)
  • 100 Original Research Paper Topics (link)
  • PrepScholar 113 Great Research Paper Topics (link)
  • 717 Good Research Paper Topics (link)
  • 25 Controversial Topics for Research (link)
  • KnightCite - Citation Generator (link)
  • Citation Machine (link)
  • Carthage High School Media Center - database access (link)
  • "Papers & Essays: Crash Course Study Skills" (informative video)
  • "What is research?" (informative video)
  • OWLPurdue: "MLA Style: In-Text Citations" (informative video)
  • College Writing: "How to Write MLA In-Text Citations"(informative video)
  • McMaster Libraries: "MLA Citations" (informative video)
  • OWLPurdue - MLA Sample Works Cited Page (link)
  • Problems with Using Wikipedia for Research (article)

Vocabulary Study

  • CHS essential elements of vocabulary study (checklist)
  • 100 Words Every High School Freshman Should Know (link and flashcards)
  • 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know (link and flashcards)
  • College Board's Top 100 Common ACT/SAT Vocabulary Works (flashcards)
  • PrepScholar's ACT Vocabulary Top 150 Words (printable PDF)
  • Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (link)
  • Thesaurus.com (link)
  • Dictionary.com (link)
  • Describing Words (link)
  • Visuwords Visual Dictionary (link)
  • Online Etymology Dictionary - Origins and Histories of Words (link)
  • Free Rice (link)
  • Word Sift (link)
  • Wordle (link)
  • Vocabulary.com Play (link)