reading workshop resources


How do I find something to read?

How can I share my reading?

  • GoodReads (you can add previous, current, and future reads to your account)

  • Book Talk (contribute to our FlipGrid page or create a poster in Canva)

  • Maintain a reading calendar for the month (do not use this to record pages; it is not a reading log!)

  • Do a two-pager while reading to collect beautiful words, insights, questions, etc. (journal examples)

  • Create and maintain a reading blog using Google Sites, WordPress, or Wix

  • Make a recommendation card for the media center

What other resources am I going to need?

  • Reading Inventory Self-Assessment(link)

  • Reader Identity Map (link)

  • How to Write a Reading Reflection / Progress Update (link)

  • Universal Themes Cheat Sheet (link)

  • Media Center Website