professional writing

Email Resources

  • Parts of an email / writing an email in Gmail (video by Mr. Armstrong)
  • Example of a portfolio turn-in email with reflection (video by Mr. Armstrong)
  • How to copy and paste a link to a Google Drive folder into an email (video by Mr. Armstrong)
  • Writing Commons "Email Guidelines for Students" (informative notes)
  • Scholarship System "How to Write a Professional Email" (informative article)
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab "Email Etiquette" (informative advice)
  • Tufts University "Professional Email Etiquette" (informative article)
  • Word Counter "15 Essential Email Etiquette Tips for Every College Student" (informative article)
  • CollegeVine "A Comprehensive Guide to Email Etiquette for High Schoolers" (informative article)
  • "How to email a teacher" (informative video)