• Mr. Armstrong

Week 10-13. Recap

This post is long overdue, but I realize that because of Google Classroom and email that basically no one is really reading this but me. WHICH IS FINE EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Seriously, though. This really is just a record for me of what happened this year.

The month of November we focused on our second portfolios and finishing our first whole class novel, Up from the Sea by Leza Lowitz. We searched for hope in hard times.

Now that we are done with the book, you should have turned your double-entry journal in either last Friday or during our two remote learning days.

This week coming up we will be in the library finishing our portfolios and posting them to Google Classroom so Mr. Armstrong can consume large amounts of coffee before grading them over the two weeks before Finals.

FYI if you are reading this, I'm so sorry about the Finals schedule. It sucks.

Alright, that's all I've got. It's Sunday afternoon and the Chiefs play in a couple of hours. Looking forward to watching Tom Brady lose.


About Mr. Armstrong

This will be my twelfth year teaching English Language Arts and my fourth working at Carthage High School, which I graduated from in 2005. I love being back in my hometown helping our sophomores find an appreciation for reading and writing while challenging them to discover and develop the value, depth, and power of their own voices. Hopefully this will be a year of daring greatly and learning bravely.