• Mr. Armstrong

Week 2. Recap

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Well, here we are: we've made it a full week.

I can't and won't speak for anyone else, but I'm so happy. Sure masks and social distancing are a pain in the butt and add layers of stress on top of an already tense time, but dang: I am so glad to be back to work. I'm so excited to be working with you.

I thought this week would feel like ripping off a band-aid while screaming in pain.

Instead, it feels like coming home after a long trip. Everything feels a little different, but everything somehow also feels exactly the same. The only thing that's really changed is us.

By my count, in these three classes we have:

-started our writer's notebooks

-had our first (pretty successful) writing workshop

-been making decisions about what our first writing portfolios will look like

-started brainstorming and/or crafting our bucket lists

-started hunting for books

In the next week ahead, we will work toward finding the right book for every one of us. Not reading every day has been killing me and I am so ready to start having those conversations with you. I have tons of recommendations to share.

We will be taking our rough draft bucket lists into Padlet using quick research and visuals to create an engaging and entertaining piece of writing that will require you to use all of the skills you've learned over the years in English: research, argument, narrative, vocabulary, and informative. As we do that, don't forget - yes, your grade matters. Yes, your spelling and punctuation and formatting matter. But your words and ideas - especially here at the beginning of our time together - those matter SO much more. Don't let this turn into just another assignment.

Hopefully soon we will all be reading something we actually want to read.

We will all be writing something we chose and are passionate about.

We will all be creating bucket lists worth checking things off of.

We will be learning how to work alongside each other.

We will be learning names and personalities.

In short, we will not be strangers anymore.


About Mr. Armstrong

This will be my twelfth year teaching English Language Arts and my fourth working at Carthage High School, which I graduated from in 2005. I love being back in my hometown helping our sophomores find an appreciation for reading and writing while challenging them to discover and develop the value, depth, and power of their own voices. Hopefully this will be a year of daring greatly and learning bravely.