About Mr. Armstrong

This will be my eleventh year teaching English Language Arts and my third working at Carthage High School, which I graduated from in 2005. I love being back in my hometown helping our sophomores find an appreciation for reading and writing while challenging them to discover and develop the value, depth, and power of their own voices. Hopefully this will be a year of daring greatly and learning bravely.



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Common Assessment #1

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

There are three steps to your first quarter common assessment. We will only do steps one and two today. We will do step three next class.

Step #1. Read the nonfiction piece "Want to Get into College? Learn to Fail," a commentary by Angel Pérez. I have paper copies around the room or you can read it online here.

Step #2. Follow this link to a Google Form with four questions over the reading. Make sure you select Armstrong as your teacher (obviously, right?). You must be logged into your Google Account to take this quiz.

Step #3. After I have explained the directions, open this Google Doc and make a copy of it. Complete the timed writing essay and then share it with me, either when you are finished or when time runs out.